Hi! I'm Anna.

I help FABM teachers with the business stuff.

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Nail the Basics

Put processes and structure in place so you're ready to do business without overwhelm.

Get the Right Clients

Attract clients you love serving, pay you what you're worth, will be back again and again.

Live the Life You Want

Live and work with purpose: change the world without sacrificing yourself and your family.

Say Goodbye to Business Overwhelm!


Feel like hitting your head against the wall because there's just so much to keep track of and worry about when it comes to the business side of your practice?

Don't worry: a lot of NFP instructors and fertility awareness educators get bogged down by all the details of running their business.

That's why I created this free guide to help you eliminate overwhelm and get unstuck - in 4 easy steps!

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Becoming an Inspired Fertility Pro

Through the Fertility Pro Business Academy, rapidly growing Facebook community, Inspired Fertility Pro Podcast, and the upcoming CyclePower Fertility Awareness and Restorative Women's Healthcare Summit, hundreds of FABM and NFP teachers are embracing their work as professionals in a rapidly emerging industry.

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Moved by my own infertility and fertility coaching journeys, I (Hi, I'm Anna! 😃) found that my natural talent for organization and business strategy, combined with my knack explaining the business side of a fertility awareness business to other professionals, was something unique. I started helping other fertility awareness professionals run their businesses they've always wanted to–but never knew how, so they could devote themselves to the work they love without sacrificing the personal and family life they've always wanted–but never had time for.

The professionals that make up the Inspired Fertility Pro Community are proving that by embracing a mindset of success and taking effective action, previously overwhelmed and burned-out instructors can banish the overwhelm, reclaim their joy, and change the world without sacrificing themselves or their families, becoming truly Inspired Fertility Pros.

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The Inspired Fertility Pro Podcast


The podcast designed to help you thrive as a fertility awareness professional

Get an inside look at how other fertility awareness professionals are running their businesses

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What Inspired Fertility Pros are Saying...


I was able to successfully start my business thanks to Anna's Business Academy.

Allison Jung


Anna's been great to work with! Her content is s spot-on in helping me build my business.

Sara Flood
NFP Coach - Marquette Method


Anna's breathed new life into my Creighton business with her organizational and business expertise. I'd be lost without her!

Kaitlyn Edwards
FertilityCare Practitioner