My Story

With my husband Wayne. One of my favorite pictures. Also, one of my favorite people. 😍

Hi. I'm Anna Saucier, Creator of Inspired Fertility Pro.

In 2014, I finally accepted the fact that I may never have children. My husband and I suffered infertility for seven long years and I felt called to help other women and couples struggling with infertility.  So, I went through a 13 month internship and became a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner. In the midst of the trials of internship, we became pregnant with our miracle baby. It’s never our timing that is perfect, is it?

With Elizabeth Kauffeld, CFCE, my amazing internship supervisor.

My internship trained me extremely well in how to educate women and couples about their fertility, but  I had to figure out the business side of being a FertilityCare Practitioner for myself. I had to learn very quickly the best way to structure my business, what processes to put in place for staying organized, how to best manage my time and my clients’ time, and how to interact professionally with my clients for scheduling and payment collection. Whew!

Fortunately, I already had some passion and energy for this stuff.

My favorite thing to play as a little girl was “office”. I loved setting up a desk with notepads, pencils, staplers, and paperclips. I would write notes and file them. I would make keyboards by drawing the keys on a piece of paper and then happily type away. I still love office supplies. And organization and systems are my passion.

Juggling being a mom and an entrepreneur means a lot of coffee shop working!

My other passion is natural fertility and spreading that truth to the world. I love that, in my work with women and couples, I get to grow my business, find and use new tools, and learn about business, marketing, and social media. And I love to share my knowledge and support others!

This is what Inspired Fertility Pro is all about. I want to help you be successful. I want to create a community where we can support one another in fulfilling our mission and sharing our passion while growing our businesses and caring for ourselves. I want this to be a profession; I want you to be able to love your work AND make a living.

As we get started on this journey together, I would love to hear from you! What resources, tools, advice, and support do you need most? Please let me know!

Now, let’s go change the world!

- Anna