The Inspired Fertility Pro Manifesto

Anna Saucier Featured, Inspiration

I think I may rock the boat (or the world) a bit with some of these new ideas. But I think the boat needs a little rocking and I’m prepared to make some waves.

Natural Family Planning began as a ministry, and many still see NFP education as something that should be free.

How could you possibly make a profit off of a ministry? That is just selfish and un-ministry-like. NFP should be taught out of the goodness of big-hearted, generous souls who aren’t “in it for the money”.

I happen to disagree. Strongly. Money in exchange for valuable service puts food on the tables of big-hearted, generous souls and their families. It helps them to thrive in their service and in their ministry, it helps them to have greater peace and joy in their work. Money will never make us happy, but having enough of it relieves financial pressure and stress. Without adequate recognition of value (fair compensation for services,) even the most generous, kind-hearted person will (sooner or later) no longer be able to provide such a valuable educational service to others. Whether due to burnout or simply needing to make more money at a “real job” in order to support the family.

It is my mission to reshape the way the world sees the value and service of natural fertility professionals. And the way we see ourselves.

So, this is my idea of what we believe as Inspired Fertility Professionals:

We believe that every woman and man on earth has a right to the knowledge and truth about their fertility.
We believe that the education, service, counsel, and support that we provide has life-changing and life-saving value.

We believe that continuing education in our area of expertise is important.
We believe in constantly improving ourselves, our knowledge, and our services. We believe in providing excellent client experience, education, service, and support.

We believe that self-care and family care is precious and important.
We believe that our time is precious and valuable.

We will not sell ourselves and our families short by devaluing ourselves or our services.

We believe that in the modern world the exchange of money for services is representative of the value that we provide.
We believe that money is an extremely valuable tool – for ourselves, for our families, and for the world.
We believe that the value that we provide and the income that we receive for our services can be used for incredible good. Good that can change the world.

We believe that we can change the world.
We believe that we WILL change the world.

What do you think? Do you agree?