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"I knew what I had to do to progress as a practitioner, but could not put it into practice or to take the steps needed. Sometimes you need someone to help you set measurable goals and to be there to cheer you on. I realize now that it’s ok to need help. I found working with Anna at our first session very motivating!"

Janet Galbo
FCP - New York, USA

Strategy Session

Are you struggling with a particular aspect of your business, like marketing, pricing, or bookkeeping? Do you need clarity on what steps to take next to grow your business? Want to bounce some ideas around and emerge less than an hour later with a strategic action plan? Let’s have a Strategy Session!


How it Works:

  • You complete a brief questionnaire prior to our scheduled session so  I can get to know you and understand where you’re at with your business; this will help us maximize our time together.
  • We work together for a powerful 50 minutes of strategy and problem-solving. I can answer your questions, provide feedback, offer suggestions, and together, we’ll create a game plan for your next steps.
  • You leave with a clear strategy, a summary of our discussion, and a recording of the session.

Investment: $127

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3-Hour Intensive Session

Ready to dive deep and take inspired action? Need more focused time dialing-in on what you need to do to make your business soar, and developing a strategic plan to make that happen? In this three hour intensive session we will go from brainstorming, to creating a strategy, to then taking action towards realizing your goals. You’ll leave this session with a concrete plan of action that will give you guidance in next steps for growing your business.


How it Works:

  • You complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to our scheduled session so that I can get to know you, review your goals and challenges, and maximize our time together.
  • We work together for three hours on whatever you need to keep your business moving forward; we can discuss marketing strategy, bookkeeping techniques, setting up a website, or any other areas where you need help forming a plan and making things happen.
  • You leave with clear strategy, actionable next steps, a summary of our discussion, and a recording of the session. We’ll remain in contact for a week after the session to address any follow-up questions, and we’ll follow up by email 30 days after the session to check in on your action plan.

Investment: $337

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Fertility Pro Business Academy

Are you an NFP instructor or FABM educator who is serious about sharing your passion while also making a living? Are you getting bogged down by the details of owning and running a business? Do you want to invest in a wealth of resources and tools that will make your business thrive? If so, consider joining the Fertility Pro Business Academy, a monthly membership program that will give you all the tools you need to make your practice thriving and profitable.


How it Works:

  • Your monthly membership to the Fertility Pro Business Academy will empower you by providing resources and tools that will help you grow and run your business with confidence.
  • You’ll have access to step-by-step lessons and monthly MasterClasses with other professionals that will teach you all you need to know to implement powerful and productive tools for your business in every area, from marketing to bookkeeping to web design and everything in between.
  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group, where other NFP instructors and FABM educators form a supportive community that will provide encouragement and accountability.

The Fertility Pro Business Academy is currently FULL, but CLICK HERE to join our waitlist!

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I absolutely recommend a strategy session with Anna. I feel propelled forward beyond what I could have done alone.

Rebecca Menning
SymptoPro Instructor - Wisconsin, USA